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Grapevine Lake Hunting Information

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Please send all applications, questions, surveys, or other information regarding the hunting at Grapevine Lake to

2024-2025 hunting season information

White-tailed Deer Hunting Archery Only:

250 Permits will be issued in a lottery system. Quota permits for deer will be issued based on current best management practices for White-tailed Deer populations, and harvest guidelines. Applications may be submitted via email, mailed, or dropped off in person to the office located at 110 Fairway Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051 between 1 July 2024 - 31 July 2024 . Applications will be available online when the application period opens. Party leaders will be notified ONLY if their application is drawn, and permits will be emailed to the drawn hunters. There will be no redraw. Those who get drawn for the archery deer hunt are allowed to harvest feral hogs with this permit WITHIN deer season ONLY. Each application must be filled out completely and the waiver of liability must be signed by each person on the application or the whole permit gets voided for the lottery. SEASON DATES: 30 Sep. 2024 - 7 Jan. 2025, plus special late season 8 Jan. 2025 – 21 Jan. 2025 (See TPWD Outdoor Annual for restrictions and bag limits). Hunters must follow all Federal and State hunting laws and regulations.

REMINDER: All hunters who were drawn in the previous season, but did not submit an end of the year survey, will be disqualified from the drawing.

Youth White-tailed Archery Deer Hunting:

Youth 16 years or younger may archery hunt White-tailed Deer without a permit. We want to promote youth in the outdoors, a waiver of liability must still be filled out prior to hunting. Applicants that are 16 years old must have proof of hunter’s education or be accompanied. Applicants that are 15 years old or younger must be accompanied. SEASON DATES: 30 Sep. 2024 - 7 Jan. 2025, plus special late season 8 Jan. 2025 – 21 Jan. 2025 (See TPWD Outdoor Annual for restrictions). Hunters must follow all Federal and State hunting laws and regulations.

While adults are accompanying the youth hunters, they may not hunt nor carry a weapon unless they were drawn to hunt deer at Grapevine Lake. For the 2023-2024 Youth Liability Waiver, click HERE

Waterfowl Hunting:

Grapevine Lake’s Hunting map has been updated to clear up some common areas of confusion. The waterfowl zone has been split into two zones along with adding a few small no hunting zones where hunting was already illegal. This does not change any of our enforcement but rather clears things up so we do not run into issues we have been seeing. The “Waterfowl Hunting – Watercraft” zone is only permitted to be hunted by watercraft only. No hunting from shore is allowed in said zone. The other waterfowl area does permit hunting the lake from shore. This has already been a rule of thumb but we did not feel it was clearly stated before.

UPDATE: Due to a large increase in the number of applications, for the 2024 season and forseeable future, 500 waterfowl permits will be issued by lottery similar to the deer hunting permits instead of first come, first serve. Applications will be made available online and accepted between 1 July 2024 - 31 July 2024. The permits will be by party like the deer hunting permits but will be separate from the deer hunting permits. (THEY MAY TAKE A WHILE TO BE DISPERSED. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE WITH THE PROCESS). The application MUST be submitted on-line. All applications received outside of July will be thrown out. Shooting hours end at noon each day of the season. (See TPWD Outdoor Annual for season dates per species). Hunters must follow all Federal and State hunting laws and regulations.

General Hunting

800 General hunting permits will be issued on a first come-first serve for all legal game identified by TPWD for Denton County (excluding white-tail deer and waterfowl). Applications will be accepted and issued starting Tuesday 15 August 2023 until they are all issued. The application MUST be submitted on-line in PDF format. (See TPWD Outdoor Annual for species and season dates). Hunters must follow all Federal and State hunting laws and regulations.

Lake Wide Special Restrictions:

  • White-tailed Deer and feral hog hunting are by archery only (includes crossbows).
  • All other legal game may be taken with a shotgun using shot size not larger than #2.
  • You must be 600 feet from homes, developed parks, roads and farm/ranch yards while hunting. This includes Trophy Club Park and its shoreline!
  • Shooting for fun, practice or at targets is prohibited.
  • Night hunting is not allowed.
  • Trapping of any kind is prohibited
  • Sport chasing with dogs is prohibited
  • Non-bark penetrating portable tree stands as well as free standing stands are allowed. However, any blinds/tree stands used must be completely removed from project lands upon completion of each hunting day
  • HUNTERS ORANGE: Hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of hunters orange material when hunting and are also required to wear some type of orange head wear. Hunters exempt from this requirement are : persons hunting deer or turkey or feral hog or waterfowl and migratory birds. Hunter orange is highly recommended for hunter’s safety.
  • Possession of manual or electronic varmint calling devices, baits, or lures is prohibited while hunting. Again, no baiting of any kind !!!
  • Waterfowl decoys are allowed!


Please contact a Park Ranger at 817-865-2600 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm or by email

Click here for State of Texas hunter education information.

Click here for State of Texas hunting information, including regulations, limits, seasons, and other useful information.

Click here for Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual.

2023-2024 Fort Worth District Hunting Guide

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