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Natural Resources at Grapevine Lake

Conservation and management of natural resources is a primary responsibility of the staff at Grapevine Lake.  Our goal is to manage resources so that they may continue to be enjoyed by all.  Grapevine Lake is part of the Trinity Regional Project; made up of seven lakes, many being right in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, but the project area still contains a wealth of wildlife and open spaces.

Shoreline Management

The Grapevine Lake Project management strives to manage its shoreline so that all individuals may enjoy access to recreational opportunities and the beauty of undisturbed nature. At the same time, we recognize that adjacent landowners may have concerns. Guidelines for Adjacent Landowners outlines what may and may not be done on Government property and on flowage easement property. If your home is adjacent to Grapevine Lake we strongly suggest you read your deed for flowage easement descriptions. Infromation on property can be found at your local county court office and the federal court office in Fort Worth. The Grapevine Lake Project Office does not have records of deeds. You may also find answers to frequently asked question by Clicking Here .

If you have any questions about the natural resources and management practices at Grapevine Lake please contact our office at 817-865-2600.

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