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Real Estate and Adjacent Landowner Information

Grapevine Lake has interest in two different types of real estate: "Fee Lands", which is property that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns outright, and "Flowage Easement", which is privately owned property on which the Government purchased the perpetual right to flood up to elevation 572 ft. above sea level (this elevation and exact definition can vary and is defined in the deed to the property). Although flowage easement lands are privately owned restrictions exist in order to protect flood storage. Prospective buyers of property adjacent to Grapevine Lake are strongly encouraged to determine the location of the flowage easement line on any property considered for purchase. Flowage easements may or may not be located on deeds or plats provided by the seller(s). Information can be found at the county courthouse for which the property is located or at the Federal Courthouse in Fort Worth. Deed information is not kept at the Grapevine Lake Project Office.

Individuals and companies interested in leases to provide services to the public on Government fee lands should be aware that there are specific restrictions and procedures they must follow. In many cases, individuals or companies will be encouraged to pursue a sublease with an existing lessee, such as a marina. Any leases for new services must go out for bid after a marketing study is completed if the Government determines that the prospective service or product would be beneficial to users at Grapevine lake.

Individuals or companies without specific, written permission from the District Engineer are prohibited from conducting business on Government property under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36 CFR, 327.18.

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