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Government Owned Land

Waco Lake has a Shoreline Use Management Plan to help manage the shoreline of the lake so as to maximize benefits to the visiting public by minimizing the appearance of private exclusive use of the public land.  This plan is available to adjoining landowners from the Project Office.  The plan encourages the use of public facilities, commercial establishments and community docks, and discourages any private development which will affect aesthetic quality or natural environmental conditions of the lakeshore, or which might restrict the safe and healthy use of the lakeshore by the general public.  The following lakeshore allocations have been made in accordance with the stated policy and objectives and in consideration of their relationship to the operating criteria and physical characteristics of the lake and surrounding shoreline.

Limited Development Areas

Limited development areas are segments of Government owned land and shoreline adjacent to high density residential areas where private boat dock and mowing and /or underbrushing permits may be issued to adjoining landowners.  These areas are generally located in areas of the shoreline that area afforded some degree of natural protection from high winds and wave action.  Lakeshore Use Permits must be obtained from the Project Office prior to the construction of any dock or the commencement of any mowing or underbrushing activities on Government owned land.  The permits are valid for 5 years, subject to the permit restrictions, or until the adjoining landowner owner sells their adjoining property.  The new owners of the adjoining property must contact the Project Office for renewing Lakeshore Use Permits.

Public Recreation Areas

Public recreation areas are those shoreline segments adjacent to developed public use or concession areas, either present, past, or proposed. An adequate vegetative buffer has been established around each public use area to maintain esthetic and environmental qualities. Neither private exclusive use privileges nor facilities, nor vegetation and landform modifications by private individuals are allowed or permitted in these areas. Activities in commercial concession areas are governed by the conditions contained in the concession lease and are not subject to the permit requirements of the Lakeshore Management Plan.

Protected Lakeshore Areas

Protected shoreline areas are designated primarily to protect aesthetic, environmental, or fish and wildlife values. The lakeshore may also be designated in this category for physical protection reasons, such as heavy siltation or exposure to high winds and wave action. Land access and boating are permitted along protected shorelines provided that aesthetic, environmental, and natural resource values are not damaged or destroyed. No new private exclusive use facilities or privileges will be permitted in these areas. Although these shorelines are available for general recreational purposes, no developed public use facilities are provided. Lakeshore use Permits for underbrushing Government owner lands in protected areas may be issued for fire breaks adjacent to adjoining, private homes and for pathways from adjoining land to the lakeshore.

Prohibited Access Areas

Prohibited access areas are those segments of shoreline zoned for physical safety and well being of visitors to the lake. Hazardous areas near the dam are included under this category. The dam operating structure is restricted from public access and use at all times, expect for fishing at the outlook structure downstream from the dam. Buoys have been placed ahead of the dam intake structure to prevent boating access from the lake.

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