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History of Waco Lake

Active Cooperation Built Waco Lake

The flood threat to the city of Waco and downstream portions of the Brazos - combined with the need for conservation storage to save millions of gallons of water that were wasted, led local citizens to seek a new reservoir. Through their efforts, Congress authorized the project for construction by the Corps of Engineers.

By law, local interests are required to bear the cost of acquisition of the storage allocated to conservation in the reservoir. A water conservation contract covering repayment of the cost of those features has been approved, and, under its terms, the Brazos River Authority will also contribute its share annually for operation and maintenance of the project.

Waco Lake is operated for its various purposes by the Corps of Engineers, with water being furnished to the Authority under the term by the Texas Water Commission


The Bosque River was considered as a primary water supply for Waco and surrounding areas.


City passes a $3.5 million bond to fund building the original Lake Waco.


Construction begins on Lake Waco Dam.


Construction of the first Lake Waco Dam secured 39,000 acre-feet of water.


Due to drought conditions, The City of Waco begins planning for future water needs.


City officials lobby for the construction of a new dam.


Construction begins on the new dam.


Waco Lake Dam is completed and provides longterm, dependable water supply for the citizens of Waco and surrounding areas. The new dam secured an additional 59,000 acre-feet of water.


Waco officials research raising the level of the lake.


Study is completed and 7 feet is considered most feasible lake level.


Waco City Council votes to increase the Waco Lake Pool by seven feet giving the City of Waco and surrounding areas an additional 79,000 acre-feet of dependable water supply.


Impoundment of water begins. The 7 foot pool rise secured an additional 79,000 acre-feet of dependable water supply for a total water volume of 189,773 acre-feet from Waco Lake at a normal lake elevation of 462.

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