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Minor Timber Cutting

Firewood permits are available to the general public on a limited basis.  Permits may be granted for the cutting and gathering of up to 5 cords of DOWN and DEAD trees or parts of trees for non-commercial, household use.  Permits are generally granted for a specific tree or area. No standing trees dead or alive shall be cut. If a standing tree is cut a citation with a fine will be issued.

Harvesting Specifications

  1. All timber removed from government property must be dead.  If there is a question about the livelihood of the tree, do not cut any portion of the tree.  If the trees are lying on the ground, for examples, a "Wind Throne" or trees are uprooted due to construction activities conducted by the government; these trees may be harvested.  The harvester must have permission from the Lake Manager before entering construction sites.
  2. All limbs and other debris must be removed from developed areas such as roads, road ditches, mowed areas, and gate entrances.
  3. No damage may occur to government property during the timber harvest.  Special attention must be given to prevent damage to the surrounding Eco Systems by rutting or damaging adjacent trees.
  4. Reference Item #6 concerning safety.  All persons involved in the timber harvest must follow safety guidelines as listed by O.S.H.A.  Timber harvesting is very dangerous.  All timber-harvesting participants should follow these safety guidelines.
  5. A copy of the "Minor Forest Products Sales Contract" must be in the possession of the harvester while cutting timber on government property. The contract is only valid if it is signed.
For more information please contact the Project Office at (903)838-8781 or come by the Wright Patman Lake Project Office to obtain a permit.
Wear your life jacket