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Gate Attendant Contracts

Gate attendants are an essential part of the US Army Corps of Engineers recreational program.  These are private individuals who work under contract for the Corps. Contracts at Wright Patman Lake require a two-person team.

Responsibilities include collecting user fees, registering campers and visitors, maintaining campground status reports, reservation reports, user fee collection reports, posting campsite reservations, providing general information to the visiting public, surveillance of use fee compliance, and informing visitors of rules and regulations. Additional duties are identified in the Wright Patman Lake Gate Attendant Performance Work Statement.

The attendants are responsible for cleaning the gate house, changing lights bulbs inside the gatehouse, and cleaning the immediate area surrounding the entrance complex. Gate attendants are required to purchase all supplies necessary to perform these duties.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will provide all necessary fee collection supplies. All parks at Wright Patman Lake with gatehouse facilities utilize the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) computer system and software. Computer paper, fee books, maps, brochures, receipt paper, and passes will be provided by the government.

Gate attendants are required to live in the campground on a site provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The gate attendants are required to provide a self-contained recreational type RV or trailer. The government provides a campsite with electrical, water and sewer service.  A phone line is provided in the gatehouse at government expense. Private phone lines may be available at the gate attendant's expense.

Individuals interested in bidding on gate attendant contracts at Wright Patman Lake or at other projects operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers should first visit the Fort Worth District homepage for information on how to register and receive requests for bids.

Prospective bidders are required to supply a DUNS number (obtained from Duns and Bradstreet at 1-800-335-0505 or on their website ). After receipt of the DUNS number, bidders must register through Central Contractor Registration at 1-888-227-2423 or via the Internet at Contracts will not be awarded to bidders who are not registered.

Once you are registered with CCR, you will receive a Trading Partner Identification Number (TPIN) and issued a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code. The CAGE code is required when the bid is submitted.  The TPIN is proof that you are registered in the CCR database.

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