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Undeveloped Camping Areas

There are 8 areas on the lake that allow for primitive camping. These areas have no facilities or amenities. Campers are limited to 14 days stay and are expected to remove all trash generated during their stay. Some primitive sites have fire rings for camp fires. No camp fires shall be burned unless your site has a designated fire ring in place. These sites are very popular during hunting season since most are in close proximity of hunting access. Maps to these primitive locations can be picked up at the Wright Patman Lake Project Office or found on the maps page of this website under the information tab on the left side column. These areas are as follows:

  • Area 1- Blue Lake (Camping for this area is at Mudd Lake off of County Road 4269) turn left at the fork.

  • Area 2- Bassett Creek (Consist of two areas Bassett Creek and Glenns Mill)

  • Area 3- Sulphur River Bank (Access by boat only)

  • Area 5- Corley Area 2

  • Area 6- Black Point

  • Area 7- Flat Woods

  • Area 8- Armstrong Creek

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