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Volunteer Applications

To apply for any position we will need the following. It can take between 2 to 4 weeks to process some applications.

  1. Completed volunteer application (OF301): Application
  2. Consent for Background Check. This is required for ALL volunteers and ther spouses/family that stay on site. Please submit a check for each person that will be living with you with you volunteer. Back Ground Check
  3. Resume! Yes, even if you want to volunteer we want to know your background in work and your skills.
  4. References. We need 3 or more references that know your work ethics and any that have worked with you on volunteer projects before. Volunteering can be anything that you do for others without pay. Examples: leading a scout troop, teaching a church class, helping kids with tutoring, teaching a community class, visiting the elderly or sick in nursing homes, etc.

Once you have completed your application feel free to drop it by our office or send it to the address below.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Attention: Volunteer Coordinator
601 C.O.E. Road
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

E-mail Canyon Lake Volunteer Coordinator: CLICK HERE
Call the coordinator at the number below if you have any questions

Ranger Samuell Price
Office: (830) 964-3341
Fax: (830) 964-2215

For all other contact needs CLICK HERE to go to the Contact Us web page

Here are some of the steps we take in your application process.

  1. Receive application. We will not review an application without all componenets.
  2. Review position you want and compare it with those we have available. If we have an opening we will let you know. If we don't we will let you know.
  3. Volunteer coordinator and the employee managing your position will meet and discuss if your resume and applicaition show you have the right skills for the position you have requested to fill.
  4. We will contact your references and see how they reply.
  5. We will conduct an in person interview or a phone interview.
  6. If your still in the running for a position and we like what we see, we will submit your back ground check.
  7. After the back ground check returns (about 7-10 days) we will decide if you still fit our needs.
  8. All approved applications go to the lake manager for final approval.
  9. Once the manager signs off then the applicant is notified of acceptance. We discuss the volunteer agreement and the job duties you will be assigned, the time frame you plan to stay, and the location you will be posted around the park.
  10. If your still in agreement to the job duties then we set up your start day that you come in to sign your volunteer agreement.

*This is not set in stone and some steps may occur at the same time as others.*

Wear your life jacket