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Swimming at Canyon Lake

There are three parks around Canyon Lake that have official designated swim beaches.

  • Potters Creek Park has a beach for registered CAMPING guests only.
  • Comal and Canyon Parks have beaches for the general public.
  • We do NOT have any life guards on duty. All of the beaches and shoreline are swim if you choose. You are responsible for your family and friends that are swimming with you. Keep a vigilant eye on them and always wear a floatation device certified by the Coast Guard. Arm floaties do not count as a quality floatation device.

At the Comal Beach we do have a limited number of loaner life jackets.

Once you have finished using a loaner, please return it to the loaner board. Other families and guests may need a vest so their kids can have a safe enjoyable day.


Use common sense and good judgement when choosing to swim. Always wear a Life Jacket while at the beach.

Water Safety Message

Water Safety is a large part of out door recreation on lakes, rivers and even at home.

Safe Ideas to Live By:

  1. Always wear a life jacket while on the water.
  2. Even a strong swimmer can drown.
  3. Keep an eye on all adults and children in your activity.
  4. Life is precious, play safe.
  5. Avoid any hazardous activities.
  6. Never swim alone.
  7. Always have an emergency plan before you go out for fun.
  8. Make sure someone knows where you are going and when to expect you back.
  9. Be prepared for sudden weather changes.
  10. Never stay in the water when lightening storms begin.

Wear your life jacket