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Adjacent Landowner Information

If you own or are seeking to purchase land by Canyon Lake, the document on this page will give you the basics on what you can and can not do related to federal property you might be adjacent to and the federal flood plane.

You can download the document by clicking on the icon below . Give us a call if you have any questions. We can also help you better understand anything you have questions about.

We do NOT find your boundary. That is your responsibility. We can help you with questions.

Government Owned (Public) Land

Land which is owned by the Federal government consists of the land inundated by Canyon Lake at the conservation (normal) pool elevation of 909.00’ above mean sea level, as well as a strip of land of varying width which surrounds the lake when the lake is at the conservation pool elevation. The limits of this public land are defined by the U.S. boundary line, the corners of which are marked by concrete monuments. These monuments, or boundary markers, are topped with a brass cap which is usually about four inches above ground level.  At some lakes the brass caps may be mounted on rocks or on metal pipes as well.   The U.S. boundary line may or may not be delineated by a fence.
If you have questions about the location of the government property boundary, contact the Canyon Lake Project Office at 830-964-3341. A field appointment with a Corps ranger can be scheduled to assist you in locating the boundary or in obtaining answers to any other questions you may have concerning the management of public land.   Written inquiries may be addressed to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Canyon Lake Office
601 C.O.E. Road
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Please address all permit applications or other correspondence to:

US Army Corps of Engineers
Attention: Lake Manager
601 C.O.E. Rd
Canyon Lake, TEXAS 78133

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