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Group Camping Area

Potters Creek Group Camp area

This area is located within Potters Creek Park on the western side of the park. The group camping area offers and ideal location for overnight gatherings in an outdoor setting. RVs and trailers are not allowed for camping in this area but there is ample room for setting up tents for this 100 person maximum capacity venue around the pavilion. A waterborne restroom with hot water and showers is within walking distance. Plan your next outdoor group outing by making a reservation at or by calling 1-877-444-6777.

If your gathering may exceed the 100 maximum persons limit or is a special event that is not limited to your immediate family or small group, a special event or lake activity permit is required. Please call the the Canyon Lake Office at (830) 964-3341, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm, to find out more or discuss with us specific needs for your proposed event.

Examples of events that may require a Lake Activity Permit include:
Weddings, fishing tournaments, emergency services training classes, triathlons, military training exercises, educational outing, Boy Scout or Girl Scout campout, Sorority or Fraternity activity, club meetings and outings, business workshops, large family picnics or reunions, birthday parties and a variety of others activities. Lake Activity Permits are free of charge and assist us with controlling overcrowding of park & lake facilities.

Events requiring a Special Event Permit are those that require the exclusive use of other parts of the park or lake outside of the reserved area, generate revenue, include the sell of alcohol or other vendor services or otherwise can reduce the use of resources by other visitors. A fee is associated with Special Event Permits dependent on size and type of event.

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