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Trails at Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake has two trails available for visitors to enjoy the outdoors: Old Hancock Trail and the Guadalupe Trail.

Before emparking on your next trail adventure at Canyon Lake, make sure to learn and practice good trail etiquette. It can create a safer and more fun experience for others and you:

  • On a multi-use trail, bicyclers yield to hikers and EVERYONE yields to horses. Riders, keep your horses under control.
  • If stopping or slowing down, move to the side of the trail. Don't block the trail for others.
  • Kindly let others know you are coming before passing and always try to pass on the right.
  • Know your physical or mechanical limits and stay within them.
  • Leave no trace and don't litter. Pack out what you pack in.
  • For dog owners: keep your pet on a least and under control at all times. Pick up what they leave behind on the trail.
  • Know the weather before you go out. Bad weather can make for a bad (an unsafe) day.
  • Always have a plan and let someone know where you are going.

Old Hancock Trail

The Old Hancock Trail is open for hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use. The trail navigate for 4 miles, one way, on the north shore of the lake. The trailhead is located off of Hancock Road and heads east to the boundary of Canyon Park. There is no access to the trail from Canyon Park at this time. Hancock Trail is a mostly flat in open prairie lands with sparse shade throughout.

Guadalupe Trail

The Guadalupe Trail is reserved for hiking only. This trail follows along the south bank of the Guadalupe River below the Canyon Lake Dam. The trailhead on located at the southside parking area of the Canyon Lake Dam Outlet Works off of South Access Road. Guadalupe Trail consists of just under a mile, one way, of shady hiking along the river bank among the many stately Bald cypress trees. This trail closes during high water releases from the dam.

Wear your life jacket