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Contact Canyon Lake

We can answer most questions about Canyon Lake concerning fishing, campgrounds, wildlife, trails, lake elevation and outflow.

There are four (4) ways to ask us a question and get an answer.

  1. Walk into the main office in Overlook Park
  2. Call into the main office at Overlook Park
  3. Click on the FAQ Page for an answer to a general question
  4. If you can not find the answer on the FAQ page, then click on a topic link below to email us a question . Please allow two to three working days for a response.

District Headquarters -Select this link to go to the District headquarters contact information directly.

General Lake Information - Questions about anything not covered below or in FAQ.

Share a Picture!

  • Click on the link above to email a picture to us. Remember that we are not required to use your picture, but will do our best to use the pictures that are best fit for the lake needs.
  • All images must be in good taste, no vulgar gestures or pictures will be accepted.
  • No pictures that show private or public company logos will be used.
  • All pictures are subject to our review and decision as if they are appropriate for viewing by all ages.
  • Any images sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers becomes our property to be used as we see fit to promote water safety and recreation. If you do not want others seeing your pictures then do not send them. If you want to mail a picture in, feel free to use the address in the upper right hand corner of this page. Pictures will not be returned unless return postage is included. No compensation will be provided for pictures sent and/or used.

Educational Programs and Water Safety Materials

We do interpretive programs tailored to fit the ages of those attending. We can do this for schools, churches, library, museums, etc. Each program includes a water safety message.

We can handle a ranch of topics including but not limited to: lake biology; species (native vs invasive); history of Canyon Lake; history and function of Corps in water recreation; water safety and rescue basics. Each program can last as long as you need. We ask that you give us at least a months notice so we can check our calendar and prepare.

We also have a large quantity of educational water recreation and safety materials. If you are interested in receiving some of them for your school, please contact us with your request. We will then send you a list of what we currently have in stock that you can choose from.

Volunteer Program

We are always looking for volunteers. You can be a scout troop, church group, school organization, family, friends, etc. We can set up a service project or put your name on the list of winter volunteers or park hosts. For more details please contact us.

Scout Programs

Campouts, service projects, jamborees, etc.

Special Event/Activity Permits

Weddings, community events, church groups, school groups, fishing tournaments, military training, law enforcement training, diving, marathons, sport event, reunions, etc.

Real Estate Permits

On your property, but in our flood pool easement. This includes but is not exclusive to construction of pavilion, patio, walkways, aerobic spray field, etc.

Shoreline Permits

On our property. These permits usually have a time limit and have to be renewed annually. Includes mowing a pathway, brush clearing near shore, tree trimming, dead wood removal, removal of invasive plants, etc.


Anything you feel needs to be addressed. We are allways willing to listen.

Suggestions and Comments

If you have an IDEA you want to share with us then please do so. We are always looking on ways to improve the parks and recreational opprotunities around the lake. We also would like ideas on how to promote water safety to everyone around the lake. Please share your thoughts we us! We will listen to every reasonable suggestion and comment.

Water Safety

Water safety is a key part of our role around Canyon Lake. We love to have the guests return often to share their love for the parks and nature. Please be safe and remember a life jacket when playing in and around water. We want to have you come back for many years to enjoy Canyon Lake safely and wisely.

Wear your life jacket