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Welcome to Benbrook Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District welcomes you to Benbrook Lake, located in Benbrook, Texas. Our missions are to provide flood risk management to the Fort Worth metro area, store water for the City of Fort Worth and manage the recreation and natural resources around the lake.

Benbrook Lake

Benbrook Lake is a part of the Trinity Regional Project. The Trinity Regional Project is a cluster of seven local lakes: Bardwell, Benbrook, Grapevine, Joe Pool, Lavon, Lewisville and Ray Roberts. A team of managers, administrators, park rangers, natural resource specialists and engineering technicians work together to manage the recreation, natural resources, and civil works facilities for all seven of these lakes.

The 'bubblers' near the dam are at this time the responsibility of the Tarrant Regional Water District, the agency that installed them originally. Please call TRWD at 817-626-2888 with any questions.

If you detect an error or feel pertinent information is missing, feel free to contact us with your suggestions and ideas. Thank You.

Lake Elevation / Gate Opening Information

Benbrook Lake
28 SEP 2023
Current Elevation Normal Elevation Currently Releasing Current Wind Speed Current Wind Direction Max Wind Speed (Last 6 Hours)
680.61 ft 694.00 ft 3 cfs 4.80 mph 247.00 deg
8.35 mph
Reservoir Control Section    
Contact Information

Benbrook Lake
Fort Worth District Map
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Benbrook Lake Office
7001 Lakeside Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76132

For General Questions:
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M-F 7:30am - 4:00pm
Phone:  (817) 292-2400

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Latest News and Updates


Beginning 1 October 2023, Benbrook Lake will no longer accept cash payments for any USACE operated campground or day use park. If you need assistance, please contact us at (817) 292-2400. We appreciate your cooperation.

For information on Mobility Assistance Device use in Corps Parks, please read the Policy Here . For more information or to be issued a permit please contact the lake Manager.

Fort Worth District Lake Facility Closures

Facility Closure Report

This report last updated on Sat Sep 16 2023 05:37:15 GMT+1000 (Papua New Guinea Time)

BENBROOK LAKEBEAR CREEK CAMPGROUND PARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK8/15/2023 1:54:14 PMSites 19-40 and group shelter temporarily closed due to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality guidelines. Boat ramp closed due to low lake elevation.
BENBROOK LAKELONGHORN PARK PARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK8/8/2023 4:01:36 PMBoat ramp closed due to low lake elevation.
BENBROOK LAKENORTH HOLIDAY DAY USE PARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK8/15/2023 1:53:54 PMBoat ramp closed due to low lake elevation.
BENBROOK LAKEROCKY CREEK PARK PARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK8/18/2023 8:09:16 AMBoat ramp closed due to low lake elevation.
BENBROOK LAKESOUTH HOLIDAY CAMPGROUND PARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK8/24/2023 3:50:44 PMAll boat ramps are closed due to low lake elevation.

For all Park facility closure information click here.



Tarrant County is currently under a burn ban. During this time, all ground fires are PROHIBITED. Charcoal and gas grills are permitted in designated areas and must be elevated and covered.

All Boat Ramps on Benbrook Lake Are Now CLOSED.

Due to the low lake elevation, all boat ramps at Benbrook Lake are now CLOSED. Launching a trailered vessel from the shoreline is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Smaller vessels, such as kayaks or john boats, are able to be hand loaded into the water.

Day Use Activity Changes in USACE Campgrounds at Benbrook Lake

In an effort to follow national policy on separating day use activities from designated camping areas, day use activities will no longer be permitted at South Holiday Campground beginning January 1st 2024. This change is the effort to reduce the number of accidents and incidents as visitation continues to grow at USACE managed parks. Patrons wishing to enter campgrounds must have a valid reservation through The access point for cyclists and walkers between North Holiday Day Use Park and South Holiday Campground will be closed off beginning January 1st, 2024. Patrons are encouraged to visit the many day use parks around Benbrook Lake for their day use activities. For more information please contact the Park Rangers at the Benbrook Lake Project Office at 817-292-2400.

Hunting applications are now CLOSED!

The application period for the fall 2023 hunt is now closed! Please click HERE for the list of winners!


America the Beautiful Passes are not issued directly from the Benbrook Lake Office. They are available at the entrance gatehouse at South Holiday Campground and Bear Creek Campground. To obtain a pass online, please visit for more information.

USACE Annual Passes are available at South Holiday Campground and Bear Creek Campground. A voucher can be purchased at the North Holiday Day Use, Mustang Park Day Use, and Rocky Creek Park pay stations, which can be redeemed at the South Holiday Gatehouse, 6000 Pearl Ranch Road, Fort Worth, TX 76126.

Click here for directions and operating hours.


The application period for the fall 2023 hunt is now CLOSED. Please click HERE for the list of winners!

Additional information, including the USACE Public Hunting Guide and maps, can be found on the Benbrook Lake Hunting Page .


Please visit to make your reservation today!

Click Here for the Texas Parks and Wildlife news release.

Event Permits

A permit is required for events or activities occurring in the parks or on the lake, including but not limited to bounce houses, water slides, weddings, tournaments, bands, DJs, church functions, etc. Swimming pools of any size are not allowed. Contact Lake Office at (817) 292-2400 for more information. Click Here for an Activity Request form. Activity Request forms may be mailed to: US Army Corps of Engineers, 7001 Lakeside Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76132 or emailed to

Burn Bans

During any burn ban for Tarrant County, set by the County Fire Marshal, open fires are not allowed in cookers and firerings. Charcoal and gas grills may be used, but only if they can be immediately covered to extinguish the fire. Current Burn Ban information can be found at here.

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