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Proctor Lake Hunting Program


Hunters may harvest waterfowl, dove, squirrels, rabbits, and feral hog at Proctor Lake with a free permit obtained from the Lake Office. This permit allows a permit-holder and up to two (2) guests to hunt the Sabana Wildlife Management Area, Upper Leon Wildlife Management Area, and Rush Creek Hunting Area. A permit is not required to hunt waterfowl on the main lake.

New hunters can obtain a permit application form by either visiting the Proctor Lake Office or by clicking here. New hunters can apply in one of two ways: in-person or by mail. Applicants wishing to apply in person should visit the Proctor Lake Office (2180 HWY 2861, Comanche, TX 76442) during normal business hours. They must bring a driver's license and either a hunter's safety card or valid Texas hunting license. Applicants wanting to apply via mail should complete a permit application and send it, along with a self-addressed envelope with valid postage, a copy of their driver's license and either their hunter's safety card or a valid Texas hunting license to the Proctor Lake Office. All copies provided will be destroyed immediately after the permit is issued.

Hunters who held a permit the previous year can automatically renew their permit by completing the online 2022-2023 Proctor Lake Hunting Program Survey. Only individuals who held a permit the previous year can renew their permit in this manner. Hunters who had a permit within the last 5 years can email a completed application to the Hunting Program Coordinator. All others must apply either in person or via mail.

The most up-to-date hunting map and policy can be found by clicking here.

Hunters at Proctor Lake must follow all seasons and regulations set by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Please exercise caution and commonsense while hunting at Proctor Lake. To find other Corps properties to hunt, visit the 2024-2025 Fort Worth District Hunting Guide

For the Proctor Lake Mobile Hunting Map, scan the QR code below with your smart phone.

To access the Proctor Lake Mobile Hunting Map on your computer, click HERE

Reporting Game Violations & Wildlife Crimes

If you suspect someone is poaching, witness a game violation or crime against wildlife, Operation Game Thief needs your help! Contact 1-800-792-GAME (4263). You wil speak directly with a Texas Parks & Wildlife communications officer when you call.

Questions: For any questions concerning the hunting program at Proctor Lake, please contact a Park Ranger at 254-879-2424 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm or by email .

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