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Boat Ramps at Proctor Lake

Boat Ramp Information
Boat Ramp Name Boat Ramp Location Coordinates Status Last Update
Copperas East Copperas Creek Park -98.499, 31.670 Closed 8/15/2023
Copperas West Copperas Creek Park -98.506, 31.974 Closed 8/15/2023
Copperas Day Use Copperas Day Use -98.489, 31.969 Closed 8/15/2023
Sowell Creek Campground Sowell Creek Park -98.460, 31.992 Closed 8/15/2023
Sowell Creek Day Use Sowell Creek Park -98.469, 31.973 Closed 8/29/2023
Promontory North Promontory Park -98.483, 31.988 Closed 8/15/2023
Promontory South Promontory Park -98.496, 31.978 Closed 8/15/2023

Proctor Lake

Proctor Lake has a number of courtesy docks collocated with the boat ramps. Please remember that courtesy docks have a 15 minute time limit for loading/unloading .

Please do not leave your vessel unattended at a courtesy dock. Lastly, please do not swim or fish from the courtesy docks. These areas must stay clear for approaching vessels.

Wear your life jacket