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Boating at Proctor Lake

Proctor Lake offers excellent boating opportunities for the public to enjoy the lake. However, please remember that while on any body of water, you are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of your vessel. Two of the leading causes of vessel accidents are: (1) a vessel colliding with another vessel, and (2) a vessel colliding with a fixed object. During the summer season you can expect an increase in the number of boaters operating on Proctor Lake and thus an increase in the risk of operating your vessel on the water.

To ensure that you, and your family, have a safe and memorable boating experience at Proctor Lake, please read and apply the Navigation Rules published by the United States Coast Guard.

The Navigation Rules can be thought of as the "Rules of the Road" while operating on any body of water. You can access this document by clicking here

Another important resource that you can access to increase your knowledge and proficiency with boats would be to complete a National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) training course. The Boat U.S. Foundation offers a free Online Boating Safety Course, which is approved by TPWD and satisfies the education requirements for boaters and PWC operators born on or after September 1, 1993. You can register for this course by clicking here .

While boating on Proctor Lake, you can expect interaction with park rangers and local/state law enforcement agencies. These interactions will ensure that your vessel complies with state and federal regulations, and that you are operating your vessel safely on the water.

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