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Undeveloped Camping Areas

To accommodate the more adventurous campers, there are 13 primitive campsites available along the Neches and Angelina Rivers at the north end of the project.  These sites are located in the Angelina-Neches/Dam B Wildlife Management Area and currently offer no facilities, consisting of only a cleared designated campsite on the river bank.  Camping in this area is limited to these 13 sites only.  Access is by boat only, with the primary launch site at the Bevilport boat ramp on the Angelina River.

The river campsites have recently been cleaned and some new amenities (picnic tables, fire rings) have been installed. Please take care of your site and keep your area clean. If you are interested in helping with the next primitive campsite clean-up, call the Project Office.

Use of the primitive campsites is free; however a permit is required.  Permits may be obtained up to 6 weeks in advance and for up to 7 days at a time.  Please contact the Town Bluff Project Office at 409-429-3491 for permit information and campsite availability.

An Application for a Campsite Use Permit can be downloaded HERE . Deliver your permit to the project office, Email it or fax your Permit to 409-429-3188.

NOTE : If using the online application, is it MANDATORY that you fill out the top section, including phone number, alternate camp site choices, boat and car numbers, and mailing address. Your application WILL NOT be processed if this section is not completed.

A map showing the primitive site locations can be viewed HERE .

NEW ! Sites installed: Warden #1 and # 2 along the Neches, and Pickle's Bluff along the Angelina.

Primitive Campsite List

  1. Bluff 1 - Good site and access; Table, Fire Ring, Lantern Pole; 2.0m below Bevilport; 3.8m above Forks
  2. Bluff 2 - Good site and access; Table, Fire Ring, Lantern Pole; 2.3 below Bevilport; 3.5m above Forks
  3. Pickle's Bluff - Table, Fire Ring
  4. Hamilton Lake 1 - Good site and access; Table, Fire Ring, Lantern Pole; 3.0m below Bevilport; 2.8m above Forks
  5. Angelina 1 - Good site and access: Table, Fire Ring, Lantern Pole; 4.6m below Bevilport; 1.2m above Forks
  6. Angelina 2 - Fair site and poor access along bluff bank-great for overflow from Ang. 1; Table;
  7. Angelina 3 - Fair site and poor access along bluff bank; Table
  8. Angelina 4 - Fair site, ok access; no amenities
  9. Moon Lake 1 - Good site but shallow access; Table, Fire Ring; 5.3m below Bevilport; 0.5m above Forks
  10. Moon Lake 2 - Good site and access; Table, Fire Ring; 5.8m below Bevilport; right at The Forks
  11. Moon Lake 3 - Fair site and good access; Table; 5.8m below Bevilport; right at The Forks
  12. Warden 2 - Table, Fire Ring
  13. Warden 1 - Table, Fire Ring

** For reference, the distance from the Bevilport boat ramp to Moon Lake 3 (at “The Forks”) is approximately 6 river miles.

Wear your life jacket