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Government Owned (Public) Land

Land which is owned by the Federal government consists of the land inundated by B. A. Steinhagen Lake at the conservation (normal) pool elevation of
82.5 ft. above mean sea level, as well as a strip of land of varying width which surrounds the lake when the lake is at the conservation pool elevation. The limits of this public land are defined by the U.S. boundary line, the corners of which are marked by concrete monuments. These monuments, or boundary markers, are topped with a brass cap which is usually about four inches above ground level.  At some lakes the brass caps may be mounted on rocks or on metal pipes as well.The U.S. boundary line may or may not be delineated by a fence or orange blazing on line trees.
If you have questions about the location of the government property boundary, contact the Town Bluff Project Office at (409) 429-3491. A field appointment with a Corps ranger can be scheduled to assist you in locating the boundary or in obtaining answers to any other questions you may have concerning the management of public land.   Written inquiries may be addressed to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Town Bluff Project Office
5171 FM 92 South
Woodville, Texas 75979


Uses of Public Land Available to Adjacent Property Owners and Residents

  • Apply for a permit to mow or clear underbrush to reduce a potential fire hazard or pest infestation. Please contact the Town Bluff Project Office for more information.
  • Apply for a license to place a waterline across and under Government property to the lake for thepurpose of withdrawing water for private use. Water rights must be obtained from the Lower Neches Valley Authority before approval will be granted. In the interest of protecting tree roots, erodible soils or scenic vistas, applications for waterlines may be modified or denied.
  • Construct a wire or metal fence to, or along, the Government boundary line.
  • Have pedestrian access to public land except those areas specifically restricted.

Uses of Public Land Which are Prohibited

  1. Any type of private exclusive use.
  2. Placement of unattended personal property of any kind on public land for more than 24 hours.
  3. Construct buildings, roads, improved pathways or any other facilities on public land.
  4. Restricting public access either  verbally, by posting signs, or by any other method.
  5. Operating motorized vehicles except when operated on paved roadways and at authorized access points.
  6. Dispose of any type of garbage, debris, or other refuse on public land.
  7. Build fires on public land, except in authorized locations
  8. Gathering firewood.
  9. Allow horses, cattle, or other livestock on public land, except by lease from the government or as otherwise permitted.
  10. Destroy, alter, or remove any facility, vegetation, or natural, historical, or cultural feature.Removal of trees or shrubs to enhance one’s view of the lake is illegal.
  11. Use of fireworks
  12. Camping except in designated camping areas
Wear your life jacket