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Real Estate and Adjacent Landowner Information

Town Bluff Project has interest in two different types of real estate: "Fee Lands", which is property that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns outright, and "Flowage Easement", which is privately owned property on which the Government purchased the perpetual right to flood up to elevation 88.0 ft. above sea level. Although flowage easement lands are privately owned, there are restrictions on their use. Flowage easement at Town Bluff Project is located in 3 specific locations, and prospective buyers of property adjacent to Town Bluff Project are strongly encouraged to check with the project office to determine if it covers property they are considering purchasing.
Land acquisition was in fee simple title to elevation 88.0 mean sea level.  An Exception was made on three tracts near the upper end of the flood pool where flowage easement only was obtained.  Fee land purchased was 21, 760 acres and flowage easements were taken on 1, 041 acres.  Minerals in the structure area and deeper portions of the lake were purchased or subordinated.

The fee line is well defined with complete monumentation.  Some portions of the line are fenced and all lines are identified by various boundary markers and painted trees (orange).

Individuals and companies interested in leases to provide services to the public on Government fee lands should be aware that there are specific restrictions and procedures they must follow. In many cases, individuals or companies will be encouraged to pursue a sublease with an existing lessee, such as a marina. Any leases for new services must go out for bid after a marketing study is completed if the Government determines that the prospective service or product would be beneficial to users at Town Bluff Project. Questions regarding this topic can be directed to the Sam Rayburn/Town Bluff Project Office at 409-384-5716.  Additional Information concerning what may or may not be permitted on fee and easement lands may be found at Info for Adjacent Landowners.
Individuals or companies without specific, written permission from the District Engineer are prohibited from conducting business on Government property under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 36 CFR, 327.18.

The Martin Dies, Jr. State Park, Angelina-Neches Scientific Area, and the Dam B Wildlife Management Area are outgrants issued to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TP&WD).  Martin Dies, Jr. State Park operates the Cherokee, Henhouse Ridge, and Walnut Ridge Units. Additional information on the State Park can be found Click Here

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