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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my ORV, Dirt Bike, or ATV at the lake?

No, all vehicles must be "Street Legal" and have a valid State license plate, registeration and operate on paved roads according to Federal and State laws.

What can I do to help conserve water while at the lake? Please use water sparingly for cooking, drinking and hygene only.

No washing Rvs or vehicles and no water toys of any kind. There are (4) swim beaches available for swimming. Help America conserve water -- a very valuable natural resource.

Can I fish or swim from the Courtesy Boat Docks?

No, there are several fishing piers and swim beaches available for fishing and swimming and miles of useable shoreline except for a few restricted areas. The Courtesy Boat Docks are for boaters only and then for "loading" and "unloading" boats only.

Wear your life jacket