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The Dam

The principal project structures consist of an earthen embankment section, emergency spillway , and outlet works for flood control and water supply.

The earthen embankment section is a gravity type structure composed of compacted impervious material resting on a limestone base. The overall length, including the spillway, is 6,800 feet, the maximum height is 91 feet, and the top width is 24 feet.

The upstream side slopes are protected from wave action and erosion due to rainfall by a layer of riprap 18 inches thick spread over a bed of gravel 8 inches thick. The downstream side slopes are protected from erosion by a 6 inch layer of gravel. A 20-foot roadway extends along the crest of the dam and provides access to the flood control and water supply outlet works.

The Spillway

An emergency spillway consists of a channel excavated from a saddle on the south bank of Hords Creek, with the centerline 607 feet south of the embankment. Th e spillway has a bottom width of 500 feet at elevation 1920, which is the top of the flood-control pool.

The Outlet Works

Flood control and water supply outlets permit discharges of water from the lake. Three gate controlled inlets and a 24-inch cast iron conduit under the embankment control releases for water supply purposes. Each of the intakes measures 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet.

A larger intake structure is available for the discharge of flood waters. Two gate controlled intakes, each 4 feet by 6 feet, and one uncontrolled intake measuring 4 feet by 44 feet are utilized for this purpose.

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