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This page would contain a list of all fees charged at the lake for camping/day use fees. For example:

Camping Fees


Site description

Camping 30 amp, water, no sewer $16.00 *$8.00
Camping 30 amp, Premium, water, no sewer $20.00 *$10.00
Camping 30 amp w/ Sewer, water $22.00 *$11.00
Camping 50 amp, Regular w/ water $20.00 *$10.00
Camping 50 amp, Premium w/ water $22.00 *$11.00
Camping 30 amp Double no sewer $32.00 *$16.00
Camping 30 amp Double w/ sewer $44.00 *$22.00

* 50% discount available for individuals who have a Golden Age Pass, Golden Access Pass, America the Beautiful Senior Pass or the America the Beautiful Access Pass.

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