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Volunteer Applications

At Georgetown Lake, we're looking for the best volunteer candidates to help us meet our missions. If you would like to join our team, please submit a Volunteer Application to our Office or you can apply online at the Volunteer Clearinghouse . Please be sure to include accurate contact information, with email address if available.

Application Process

1. Applications are submitted to the Volunteer Clearinghouse.
Each application is carefully reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator, and pending current availability, you will be scheduled for an interview.

2. Interviews are done via telephone in most cases and are scheduled in advance. The Volunteer Coordinator will call you to schedule to insure we don’t catch you at a bad time. Interviews average 30 min in length.
We strive to interview and match potential volunteers to positions well in advance of the start date, however, we continue interviewing and matching until all positions are filled. If you live in the area and want to volunteer without becoming a live-in volunteer, we encourage you to do so. We have many volunteer opportunities that do not require living within our parks. Don’t hesitate to apply at anytime, as openings come up throughout the year unexpectedly.  We will work to find the best match for our mission and your skills regardless of timing. If you’re not called for an interview or are not selected for a position right away, please be patient; we get many applications and sometimes your skills aren't what are needed at the moment.

3. If your skills match a need at our lake, you may be offered a contingent position.
Potential volunteers with contingent offers of position are then screened for criminal history . All volunteers in a position of public trust must undergo a Background Check. Any record of “crimes with a weapon, crimes against a person, or violent crimes” are all disqualifiers for our program.

4. Join the team!
Once your background check is received and reviewed (~14 days), arrangements for your arrival and orientation will be confirmed.

For information regarding Volunteer Positions at Lake Georgetown, call or email Lake Georgetown Office

500 Lake Overlook Road
Georgetown, TX 78633
Lake Office Email: Click Here

Questions can be directed to lake office email above.

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