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Undeveloped Camping Areas at Lake Georgetown

Tejas Park offers primitive camping that is accessible by vehicle. A parking lot is located at the front of the park, campers will not be able to drive directly to their campsite. The park has 12 "tent only" sites and 1 "tent only" group area with a picnic table, tent pad, and ground fire ring. Potable water is available at a central location within the park. Vault toilets are located near the park entrance. Each site will accommodate up to 8 people. There is a 14 day camping limit.
Reservation are required.

In addition to Tejas Park, there are 3 additional camps that are only accessible by hiking or boat. Most of these sites are equipped with a picnic table, ground fire ring, and a lantern stand. Cedar Hollow Camp is located between milepost 4 and 5 on the Good Water Hiking Trail. Sawyer Camp is located between milepost 6 and 7. Walnut Springs Camp is located between milepost 15 and 16. Careful trip planning is encouraged when using these facilities. Potable water is not available. There is a 14 day camping limit.

Wear your life jacket