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Land Management

The goal of the natural and cultural resources management program is to manage resources for the public benefit consistent with resource capabilities. Long-term objective include:

  1. Manage vegetation to develop and sustain a diversity of resident and migratory game and non-game wildlife species in accordance with the resource capabilities and other purposes of the lake project.
  2. Protect and manage habitats supporting individuals and populations of special status species, especially federal and state listed threatened and endangered plants and animals.
  3. Protect historic and prehistoric cultural sites, as well as unique paleontological and geological features.
  4. Preserve and enhance the visual characteristics of natural landscapes.

Prescribed burns are implemented on a regularly scheduled basis to enhance habitat and reduce the danger of wildfires which could devastate adjoining neighborhoods. Fire lanes are established and serve as a multipurpose tool. They dramatically slow the spread of wildfire and are planted with grasses and forbs which help sustain the wildlife in the area.

Generally, exotic and invasive plants will not be introduced or encouraged in the landscape. Invasive species include the natives Ashe juniper and baccharis, as well as exotic plants such as Chinaberry, Chinese tallow tree, Johnson grass, K.R. Bluestem, rye grass and Bermuda grass.

Prescribed burn pics dec 2006 010
Prescribed burn pics dec 2006 001

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