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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I rent a boat or a jetski?

Both Big Creek Marina and Lake Somerville Marina and Campground offer rentals on boats and jetksi's. For information on how to contact the marinas click on the provided link.
Marina Contact Information

How can my son or daughter volunteer a project for Eagle Scout or Gold Award?

For more information on Eagle Scout and Gold Award Projects at Somerville Lake please contact the Scout Coordinator at (979)-596-1622.

What is the record for the largest fish caught out of the lake?

Please click on the link below to find records for the largest fish caught at Somerville Lake.
Somerville Lake Records

Where do I report illegal dumping on Government property?

To report illegal dumping contact the Somerville Lake Office at (979)596-1622. Incidents that take place in Washington County, individuals may contact the Washington County Environmental Services Department at (979)-277-6290 or by clicking on the link. Incidents that take place in Washington County, individuals my contact the Burleson County Environmental Enforcement Office at (979)-567-2001 or by clicking on the link.

What facilities are available for a family reunion?

There are several options when looking for facilities to host a family reunion at Somerville Lake. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers managed parks offer the group pavillion at Rocky Creek Park. For more information about renting the group pavillion please click on the link. Parks leased to other entitiies also offer these same options to have a family reunion , for there information please click on the link provided.
Leased Parks

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