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Water Safety Programs

Water Safety Program

The US Army Corps of Engineers participates in water safety activities whenever possible. Somerville Lake Office personnel promote water safety by presenting water safety programs to school children. We utilize videos, puzzles, tests, and live demonstrations to teach children the importance of water safety and help prevent drownings.

Somerville Lake Office Park Rangers will go to any local school, civic group, or function to help children and adults learn and practice water safety. To setup a program, contact the Water Safety Coordinator at the Somerville Lake Office .

General Rules for Water Safety

1. Never mix water and alcohol.

2. Learn to swim.

3. Always wear your life jacket and do not depend on inflatable toys or rafts to keep you afloat or as lifesaving devices.

4. Always swim in a designated swimming area when possible.

5. Never leave children without adult supervision.

6. Never swim alone.

7. Always wear hard-soled shoes when walking the shoreline or wading.

8. Watch for tree stumps and other obstructions in low water.

9. Avoid turbulent waters.

10. Follow boating "Rules of the Road."

11. Heed weather advisories.


Wear your life jacket