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Hunting at Somerville Lake

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2023-2024 Fort Worth District Hunting Guide

For the Somerville Lake Mobile Hunting Map, scan the QR code below with your smart phone.

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Waterfowl Blind Selection Procedures

Feral Hog Compartment Selection Procedures

Somerville Lake offers two different opportunities for waterfowl hunting. The first is an area designated for daytime waterfowl hunting only (see "maps" tab). Temporary blinds are allowed, but each hunter must remove their blind before they leave. Public waterfowl hunting is allowed within the yellow markers, while no hunting can occur outside of the red markers. Hunter's must hunt from the shoreline. The second waterfowl hunting opportunity is hunting from a semi-permanent stand, constructed by the hunter, for the entire waterfowl hunting season (see "maps" tab ). The stands are assigned through a random duck blind drawing held annually (contact the Hunting Coordinator at the Somerville Lake Office ).

**Special note** The western boundary of the public waterfowl hunting area has changed. This boundary used to be at the mouth of McCain Creek but has been moved to an area that is just 431ft north-northwest of the parking lot area on Harge Rd. The area that is closed includes all land that reaches back to and across Flag Pond Rd. No waterfowl hunting will be allowed in this area! To see a map of the closed area, please click on the maps tab.

Click here to download the rules and regulations for both the public hunting area and semi-permament blind hunting area.

Deer hunting is prohibited at Somerville Lake except for the Annual Challenged Hunter Deer Hunt held in December (contact the Somerville Lake Office ) and in the Wildlife Management Area (contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at (979) 289-2392).

Feral hog hunting is also allowed at Somerville Lake, by permit only . For more information, click on the feral hog link or please contact the Hunt Coordinator at the Somerville Lake Office .

All hunters on Government lands must:

1. Have completed a Hunters Safety Education Course.

2. Have a valid State of Texas Hunting License.

3. Obey all Federal, State, and Local Municipality rules and regulations.

For all State hunting laws, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 's hunting page.

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Wear your life jacket