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Feral Hog Hunting at Somerville Lake

Application Procedures for hunting Feral Hogs can be found below.

Feral Hog Hunting Procedures

Feral Hog Hunting Compartment Map

Over the past five years, feral hogs have become an ever increasing problem around Somerville Lake. Feral hogs are a nuisance animal and are notorious for the amount of destruction that they can cause. They have created numerous problems out at Somerville Lake including but not limited too; habitat loss, property damage, loss of wildlife, and are a constant safety concern for the general public. In the past five years the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has gradually created a feral hog hunting program to help rid the lake area of this nuisance animal.

Feral hog hunting is allowed by permit only .

There are several methods in which hunters are allowed to remove hogs, these include; bowhunting, livetrapping, shotgun hunting, and dogs.

For more information, please contact the Hunt Coordinator at the Somerville Lake Office .

All hunters on Government lands must:

1. Have completed a Hunters Safety Education Course.

2. Have a valid State of Texas Hunting License.

3. Obey all Federal, State, and Local Municipality rules and regulations.

For all State hunting laws, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 's hunting page.


Wear your life jacket