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Directions to Jim Chapman Lake/Cooper Dam

Jim Chapman Lake is a 19,305 acre impoundment located an hour and a half east of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The lake is located partially in Hopkins and Delta counties.  The main body of the lake in located in-between Hwy 19 and Hwy 24, twenty miles north of I-30.

Heading West on I-30, from Texarkana, take exit 127 to loop 301 and turn right on Hwy 19 North aprox. 10 miles.

Heading East on I-30, from Dallas, take Exit 101 to Hwy 24 through Commerce and take the first Cooper exit (Hwy 154). Continue following 154 through town and turn right on FM 1529 following signs.

Hwy 19 sign
Road sign off Hwy 19

Wear your life jacket