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The 140 million dollar Cooper Lake and Channels project consists of a multi-purpose lake for water supply, flood control, fish and wildlife management and recreation. Cooper Dam has prevented flood damage many times to over 12,900 acres of improved lands.

In addition to storing flood waters, Jim Chapman Lake provides water supply to North Texas water district, city of Irving, upper Trinity water district, and Hopkins County. A wide range of opportunities exist for land and water-based recreation including camping, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, picnicking and swimming.

The Corps of Engineers has developed partnerships in the management of the 29,000 plus acres of public land at Jim Chapman Lake. Over 15,000 acres of land and water are leased to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for the management of the fish and wildlife resources at Jim Chapman Lake. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also leases approximately 1,905 acres of land to provide recreational facilities in both Hopkins and Delta counties. The North Texas Water district manages the water intake facility that provides the water supply to several communities.

Cooper Dam was authorized on August 3, 1955 by act of Congress, Public Law 218, for flood control and water supply. The Forth Worth District, Piney Woods Project, operates the project to maintain a ready water supply and reduces flood damages downstream from Cooper Dam. The drainage area above the dam is 479 square miles.

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