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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I rent a boat or a jetski?

See our marina section

How can I get permission to operate a rental service for watercraft at Lewisville Lake?

In order to operate a business on Government property, permission must be granted from the Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District.   For further information, please contact the Lewisville Lake Office at (469) 645-9100.

How can I get a permit to build a boathouse on Lewisville Lake?

The only way to obtain a boathouse on Lewisville Lake is to buy one that is already in existence and has a current, active permit.  We are not allowing the construction of new boat houses or docks at Lewisville Lake.  The Lewisville Lake office does not get involved in transactions between owners and prospective buyers; we do require that the boat house be in a safe and usable condition before we will issue a new permit for a structure that has been sold, and that the prospective boathouse owner be able to furnish proof that they own a boat which will be placed in the boathouse upon purchase.  Permits are not transferable.  Once a permit has been issued, it is valid for 5 years or until the boat house changes owners. Permits are $35 for the 5 year period.  Boathouses may not be moved from their current location.  A boathouse permit does not include the license necessary to obtain and maintain an electric line to a boathouse.

How can my son or daughter volunteer a project for Eagle Scout or Gold Award?

Contact Chandler Sanford for volunteer project opportunities.

What is the record for the largest fish caught on Lewisville Lake?

Check out Texas Parks and Wildlife website for more information on Lewisville Lake and current fishing records .

Where do I report illegal dumping on Government property?

You may contact the Lewisville Lake Office at (469) 645-9100 during normal business hours (M-F, 8-4:30), or your local law enforcement agency on nights and weekends.

Where can I operate my ORV on Corps land at Lewisville Lake?

US Army Corps of Engineers lands are governed by the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 Chapter III, Part 327, commonly known as " Title 36 ." Within this code, section 2(c) states "The operation and/or parking of a vehicle off authorized roadways is prohibited except at locations and times designated by the District Commander." Given the relatively small land base and the highly erodible soils at Lewisville Lake, there are no designated off road areas where vehicles can legally operate. Therefore, all vehicles of any type (including golf carts, cars, trucks, etc.) are prohibited from operating or parking on Corps land, except on designated roadways or parking areas.

Can I leave my boat beached behind my house during the summer?

Mooring a vessel and/or watercraft anywhere on the lake, other than designated marinas or permitted boat slips, for a period more than 24 hours is in violation of Title 36 327.15.

What facilities are available for a family reunion?

Hickory Creek has a group camping area with a pavilion in the center. Each site must rented seperately and the pavilion is available on a first come first serve basis and cannot be rented. Westlake Park has 3 pavilions that can be rented for day use only. Reservations can be made at

What is the policy on metal detectors?

A permit must be obtained from the Lake Office prior to use of metal detectors. Permits must be carried by the person it was granted at all times when using a metal detecting device on government property, otherwise, anyone found digging on the land may be subject to a citation and may be asked to leave the area. Metal detectors must be used in accordance with the lake policy. Permits are granted subject to the following:

  1. Use of metal detectors will be confined to shoreline areas of the Corps parks, except the overnight camping areas, unless you have a camping permit.  Shoreline areas are defined as those park areas periodically disturbed by wave action, approximately eight vertical feet above or below the lake's "normal" conservation level of elevation 522 MSL.  Use of metal detectors is not permitted in non-park or upland areas.
  2. Non-identifiable items of nominal value (defined as less than $25.00), which are found, do not need to be deposited with the Corps of Engineers.  Identifiable items (rings, watches, etc.) and items of greater than nominal value will be deposited with the Corps of Engineers for disposition in accordance with federal regulations.
  3. Any item, which may contain historical, archaeological, or pale ontological significance, will be left in place if practical.  The Corps of Engineers must be notified; if the item is or has been removed from the site, it will be deposited with the Corps of Engineers.
  4. Any item pertaining to a criminal offense will be turned over to the local police or to the Corps of Engineers.
  5. Digging shall be limited to small instruments, scoops, or other hand tools, which can be used by one hand only.  Hand tools shall be limited to four inches wide, four inches deep, and twelve inches long.
  6. No holes will be dug and left uncovered.  All trash, litter, or other debris uncovered will be removed and placed in an approved trash receptacle.  All disturbed or displaced soil will be returned to its original site.  The areas will be left in as good or better condition than before hunting occurred.

What is the policy on geocaching?

Geocaching may be allowed on public lands managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, providing the activity is performed in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations Title 36 (CFR 36) and any applicable State or local rules and regulations, and is carried out in a non obtrusive manner, following general guidelines. Given the heightened security since September 11, 2001, any geocaching activity at Lewisville Lake requires a Lake Activity Permit from the Lake Office. There is no charge for this permit, which may be obtained by contacting the Lewisville Lake Office at (469) 645-9100.  Information needed for the permit include the cache coordinates (location), his/her name, and his/her address and phone number. The intent of collecting this information is to keep track of the location and number of caches on the project, and to contact the owner if the caches need to be removed. The applicant should also provide a current picture ID with an address to confirm the applicant's identity. The applicant's request can be denied for failure to comply with the information required for the permit application. Geocache objects or containers should be clearly identified as such when placed on public lands. Transparent containers are required, due to homeland security issues. Caches should not contain alcohol, drugs or other illicit or inappropriate materials.

Wear your life jacket