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Lewisville Lake Information



Length including spillway - 32,888 feet

Height above streambed - 125 feet

Width at crown - 20 feet

Top elevation above mean sea level - 560.0 feet


Length - 560 feet

Crest elevation above mean sea level - 532.0 feet


Conservation pool - 555,000 acre feet (one acre-foot equals one acre of water one foot deep, or 325,850 gallons)

Flood-control pool - 325,700 acre feet

Conservation pool area - 23,280 acres (one acre is 43,460 square feet)

Flood-control pool area - 28,980 acres

Shoreline at conservation pool - 233 miles

Elevation at top of conservation pool - 522 feet mean sea level

Water Level

Every effort is made to keep the water level of Corps lakes within several feet of their conservation pool. During a drought, local municipalities (who own most of the water) have the right to use the water for their citizens. As a result, the lake level may be drawn down considerably during periods of high consumption and low rainfall.

Wear your life jacket