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Conservation and management of natural resources on Lewisville and Ray Roberts Lakes is a primary responsibility of the Trinity Regional Project.  Our goal is to manage resources so that they may continue to be enjoyed by all.  Even though both lakes are right in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the project area still contains a wealth of wildlife and open spaces.

Please remember that these lands are managed for the wildlife, plants and soil, so when you visit, please be respectful of the land. More information on enjoying our natural resources with a light touch can be found at Leave No Trace and TreadLightly!


The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area is a 2000 acre tract of land located at Lewisville Lake below the Lewisville Lake dam.  The area, which has been relatively undisturbed and consists of several diverse habitats, has been set aside to provide educational and research opportunities.  The area is managed by a consortium of seven educational institutions in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District..

The 1850's Homestead highlights the relation of man to his environment

Wear your life jacket