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Welcome to Belton Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District welcomes you to Belton Lake, located in Belton, Texas. Our mission: Provide flood risk management, supply water and offer recreational opportunities to the Temple/Belton areas, and to offer some of the best fishing, camping and boating in Central Texas.

Belton Lake

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Belton Lake
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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Belton Lake
3110 FM 2271
Belton, Texas 76513

Hours: M-F 8am - 4:30pm
Phone:  (254) 742-3050
Fax:  (254) 939-8061

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Be Safe & Wear Your Life Jacket!

The Belton Lake Office no longer accepts cash payments for any USACE operated campground or boat ramp. If you need assistance, please contact us at (254) 742-3050. We appreciate your cooperation.

Clean. Drain. Dry your boat! Meet State Requirements at www.TEXASINVASIVES.ORG

America the Beautiful discount passes are available. Go here to learn more.

For information on Mobility Assistance Device use in Corps Parks, please read the Policy here. For more information or to be issued a permit please contact the lake office.

Do you have an event coming up and need an application for a Lake Activity Permit? Find out here.

Electric submersible pumps are not allowed on Belton Lake. Read the new release, USACE Officials to Enforce Removal of Electric Submersible Pumps , for more information.

** Bell County BURN BAN information line 254/ 933-5555 **

Facility Closure Information

Fort Worth District Lake Facility Closures

Facility Closure Report

This report last updated on Tue Apr 23 2024 10:30:16 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

BELTON LAKEARROWHEAD POINTFULLY CLOSEDOTHERPARK4/23/2024 9:20:29 AMPark CLOSED April 28 through May 10. Boat Ramp open. Courtesy dock is closed due to low water levels.
BELTON LAKEBELTON LAKEVIEWFULLY OPENNONEPARK4/23/2024 9:21:17 AMPark open. Courtesy dock is closed due to low water levels. Day use area gates close daily at sunset.
BELTON LAKECEDAR RIDGEFULLY OPENNONEPARK4/23/2024 9:22:06 AMWest Boat Ramp is open for day use. East boat ramp and swim beach open to registered campers. Camping open, please go to WWW.RECREATION.GOV to make a reservation and check availability.
BELTON LAKEIRON BRIDGEFULLY OPENNONEPARK3/27/2024 10:25:27 AMNo camping. Boat ramp only (no fee). Low water levels may affect boat ramp access.
BELTON LAKELEONAFULLY OPENNONEPARK3/27/2024 10:25:40 AMBoat ramp open. Day use area is open for fishing. (no fee)
BELTON LAKELIVE OAK RIDGE PARKFULLY OPENNONEPARK4/23/2024 9:23:51 AMCampground fully open. Courtesy dock closed due to low lake levels. Boat ramp available for registered campers only. All reservations must be made through WWW.RECREATION.GOV.
BELTON LAKEMCGREGORFULLY CLOSEDCONSTRUCTIONPARK4/15/2024 11:34:40 AMPark currently closed due to damages to road sustained during flash flooding event.
BELTON LAKEMILLER SPRINGS PARKFULLY OPENNONEPARK3/27/2024 10:39:49 AMMiller Springs Park is open. Park closes at sunset.
BELTON LAKEOVERLOOKFULLY CLOSEDOTHERPARK4/27/2022 8:05:14 AMArea is temporarily closed until further notice.
BELTON LAKEOWL CREEKPARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK3/27/2024 10:38:39 AMPark open. Boat ramp and courtesy dock closed due to low lake levels.
BELTON LAKEROGERSPARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK3/27/2024 10:37:45 AMCourtesy Dock is currently closed. 24hr. boat ramp. (no fee)
BELTON LAKESPARTA VALLEYFULLY CLOSEDOTHERPARK5/8/2020 8:23:55 AMClosed until further notice.
BELTON LAKETEMPLE'S LAKE PARKPARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK3/27/2024 10:51:27 AMDay use and boat ramps open. Day use closes at sunset. Courtesy dock closed due to low lake levels.
BELTON LAKEWESTCLIFF PARKPARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK3/27/2024 10:27:51 AMCampground, day use area, and boat ramp open for use. Courtesy dock is currently closed due to low lake levels.
BELTON LAKEWHITE FLINTPARTIALLY CLOSEDDROUGHTPARK3/27/2024 10:26:56 AMCampground open. Boat ramp closed due to low lake levels.
BELTON LAKEWINKLER PARKFULLY OPENNONEPARK3/27/2024 10:26:14 AMFully open. Lake access limited due to low lake levels.

For all park facility closure information click here.

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