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Navarro Mills Lake is located sixteen miles west of Corsicana, Texas. The drainage area contains 320 square miles of Richland Creek in the Trinity River basin, mostly in Navarro and a portion of Hill County. Construction began in 1960 and impoundment began in March of 1963. The primary purpose was flood control and water supply, although recreation is now a major economic factor.

At normal elevation of 424.50 above sea level, the lake covers 5,060 acres and holds 41,564 acre/feet (an acre of water one foot deep, or about 326,000 gallons) of water. At maximum flood pool, the lake covers 11,700 acres and contains 149,222 acre feet of water.

The Navarro Mills dam is 7,670' long and 82' above the stream bed. Water releases are controlled by six 40' x 29' tainter gates. Over 2 billion gallons of water per year is provided to residents of Corsicana, Dawson, Frost and other communities in Navarro County.

Recreation has become a major component in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' multiple use approach to managing our nations' natural resources. Improving recreational opportunities and improving fish and wildlife habitat are important facets of the Corps' management policies. Hunting, fishing, and water sports are available to the public. Further information may be obtained at the Lake Headquarters or by writing to:

Lake Manager

Navarro Mills Lake Office
1175 FM 667
Purdon, TX 76679
Telephone No. (254) 578-1431

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