Parks at Lake O' the Pines


Parks and Facilities


Lake O' the Pines

 The Project provides a variety of facilities and amenities for the use of the public. 

 First we have four campgrounds where site use fees are collected at a controlled entrance gate.  These will be further described in the camping individual park pages.  The following is a summary of the facilities.

 NAME                             OPEN                            RV SITES     TENT SITES            TENT PADS (with RV)

ALLEY CREEK              SUMMER ONLY                     49                    30                            11

BRUSHY CREEK          ALL YEAR                               71                    48                             33

BUCKHORN CREEK     SUMMER ONLY                     62                    38                             20

JOHNSON CREEK          ALL YEAR                            63                      22                             25

 Most campsites are available by reservation (1-877-444-6777).  However, some are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Limit of stay is 14 days.  All sites have tables and grills/fire rings.  RV sites include electric and water hookups for $14/night (double sites for $24), RV sites which have a tent pad are $18 to 20/night, campsites in the tent areas are $11/night without electricity, tent sites with electric hookups are $13/night.  Water is available at central locations in tent areas.  Boat ramps are located in each area and most include courtesy docks.  Golden Age/Access card holders get a 50% discount on camping fees.  Most restrooms include showers with hot water.


Second we have TWO GROUP CAMPGROUNDS AVAILABLE BY RESERVATION THROUGH PROJECT OFFICE.  Group areOctober 12, 2007Each group camping area has 12 RV sites and a pavilion with tables, BBQ grill, and restrooms with showers.  The group camping fee is $75/night payable in advance and requires rental of a minimum of 6 sites upon arrival to the area.  Additional sites may be rented in the nearest campground at the regular price.


Third we have three group pavilions that are AVAILABLE BY RESERVATION & REQUIRE A SPECIAL ACTIVITY PERMIT.  COST IS $40-$50.  These are ideal for family reunions, fishing tournaments, and other group activities.  Rentals include the shelter, BBQ grill, tables, lights and electricity and water.

We also have two multiuse areas as summarized below:

NAME                                 SITES                                   RESTROOMS                  DRINKING WATER

Hurricane Creek                    23                                             Flush                            Yes-Public

Cedar Springs                        28                                             Vault                            Yes-Public


In addition we have six day use areas most of which require a use fee collected by  gate attendants or  an honor box.  The details are listed below:

 NAME                 # of PICNIC TABLES      PAVILION         BEACH         RESTROOMS      FEE BY

Overlook                         3                               No                      No                           Flush        Honor Box

Lakeside                         73                              Yes                   Yes                     Flush        Gate/Honor Box

Shady Grove                   27                              Yes                     Yes                      Flush        Gate/Honor Box

Alley Creek                      0                               No                      No                          Flush        Honor Box

Johnson Creek                39                            Yes                 Yes                         Flush        Gate/Honor Box

Outlet                               0                                 No                      No                          Flush        None

Day Use Areas include a public boat ramp.

 To summarize the numbers of boat ramps see the following:

CORPS – 16         COUNTY – 4                     COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS – 6