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Group Areas at Lake O' the Pines

Group Pavilions and Group Camping Areas

We have three group pavilions that are AVAILABLE BY RESERVATION & REQUIRE A SPECIAL ACTIVITY PERMIT.  The cost is $50 per day for Shady Grove, Johnson Creek, and Lakeside .  These are ideal for family reunions, fishing tournaments, and other group activities.  Rentals include the shelter, BBQ grill, tables, lights and electricity, and water.

We also have two group camping areas AVAILABLE BY RESERVATION through the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) (1-877-444-6777) effective January 1 2003. Reservations for these two group campgrounds can also be made at the individual corresponding campgrounds in person NOT by phone as with other local reservations.   Group areas are located at Johnson Creek and Alley Creek Parks.  Each group camping area has 12 RV sites and a pavilion with tables, BBQ grill, and restrooms with showers.  The group camping fee is $150/night payable in advance.   Additional sites, if available, may be rented in the nearest campground at the regular price. The identifying site numbers are G015 for Johnson and G016 for Alley.

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