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Trails at Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Stillhouse Hollow Lake has two separate trail offering varying experiences and levels of difficulty.

Dana Peak Trail is a multi-use trail offering opportunity for hiking, mountain biking and equestrian use. This system offers miles of trails from a two-lane fire lane to rugged single track and extends from the Dana Peak trailhead just outside of Dana Peak Park to Stillhouse Park. There are multiple loops and destination trails available depending on your skill level. A horse trailer parking area is available for equestrian users near the Dana Peak Park boat ramp. Be cautious as some trails are along steep drop-offs and loose rock.

Dana Peak Trails Map

Chalk Ridge Fall Environmental Learning Center Trail is for hiking only and is located in Chalk Ridge Fall Environmental Learning Center. The trail offers a low difficulty level winding through Juniper and Oak Forests and along the banks of the Lampassas River. This trail is intended for a fun and educational hikes with interpretive information about our natural resources along the route. Hikers will experience overlooking views of the Lampassas River, an elevated boardwalk stroll over a wetland and a serene walk next to the Chalk Ridge waterfall.

Chalk Ridge Fall Trails

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