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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is hunting allowed on Lake Lavon Lake?

A: Hunting is allowed in those areas that are designated for hunting by the lake manager, all other areas are prohibited for hunting. Areas may change from year to year; therefore, hunters should acquire a hunting map from Lake Lavon Headquarters annually to ensure that they are in compliance with the current hunting policies and regulations.

Approximately 6,500 acres in Collin County are available for public hunting. Hunting is not the exclusive use of these areas. Some areas may be cattle grazing leases or used by hikers, equestrian riders, bird watchers, etc, so please exercise caution.  While much of the boundary is fenced and marked, some areas are not. It is the hunter’s responsibility to become familiar with the area and the limits of public lands.  Hunting on public land does not give any person the right to cross or enter private property and you could be charged with trespassing.

Not all areas of public land are clearly fenced or readily identified.  It is the hunter’s responsibility to become familiar with area boundaries to avoid trespassing onto private property adjacent to public land. Please contact the Corps of Engineers office at Lavon Lake at (972)442-3141 x226 or x231, for assistance if needed.  All hunting zones have a 600 ft restriction from park areas or adjacent homes.

Q:Are there any deer on Lake Lavon and is deer hunting allowed on Corps property?

A: It is unknown at this time if Lake Lavon has a sustainable deer population.  Corps Natural Resource Specialists and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department are currently working on obtaining an estimated deer population count to decide future deer hunting opportunities. For now, hunting deer is illegal on Lavon Lake property.

Q: What are the bag limits for hunting/fishing?

A: All bag limits are published in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Outdoor Annual which can be obtained anywhere hunting and fishing license are sold.

Q: Is trapping allowed on Lake Lavon?

A: No. Trapping or snaring all animals is prohibited.

Dogs may be used to hunt rabbits, squirrels, game birds, and migratory game birds in compliance with Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations. Any hunter using dogs in legal hunting activities must exercise control over their dog(s). Raccoons, foxes, and coyotes may be chased for sport.

Q: Can you use lead shot when hunting waterfowl?

A: All ammunition has to be steel shot.

Hunting the legal game noted below is permitted in designated hunting areas (see Hunting Map) with archery equipment  (including crossbows) and shotguns.  Anyone hunting with a shotgun may not use, or possess any shot larger than #2. The use of non-toxic USFW approved shot is required for waterfowl hunting.  All weapons must be unloaded when transported to, from, or between hunting sites.  Rifles, handguns, slugs, and muzzle loaders are prohibited.

Q: What are the hunting hours for Lake Lavon?

A: Hours for hunting on Lake Lavon are specified by the State Game Laws, check your Texas Parks and Wildlife hunting and fishing guide.

Q: Has the hunting map changed for this year?

A: The hunting map is updated every year, it is the hunter's responsibility to obtain an updated map.

Q: Is there a place on the lake where I can target practice?

A: Target practice is not allowed anywhere on Government property.


Q: What kind of fish are in Lake Lavon?

A: Game fish available include, largemouth bass, white bass, hybrid striped bass, crappie, channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead, and various pecies of sunfish.

Q: What is the bag limits for hunting/fishing?

A: All bag limits are published in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual which can be obtained anywhere hunting and fishing license are sold.

Q: Can I put a Christmas tree in the lake to bait for crappie?

A: No, fish attractors are not allowed to be placed in the lake.

Q: Where are the best fishing areas?

A: The most productive fishing areas are usually located around some type of underwater structure, however fish can be caught almost anywhere in the lake. (That's why they call it fishing.)


Q: Are there any cabins for rent on Lake Lavon?

A: No.

Q: Can I build a ground fire at my site?

A: In the parks ground fires are specifically restricted to the ground cookers provided. Ground fires are prohibited in all areas on Government Property.

Q: If the park closes at 10 P.M. can I walk in and set up on a vacant site and check in the next morning?

A: No. Just because no one is on a site does not mean that the site is not rented. You may be setting up on someone's site. Please check in with the attendant before setting up on any site.

Q: How do I make a reservation for a campground?

A: You must call 1-877-444-6777 to make a reservation over the phone.

The reservation web site can be accessed on the Internet at

Q: Is there a campground where I can camp for 3 months in my motor-home?

A: Lavon Lake has a 14-day camping limit. Several private campgrounds are located around the lake that rent sites by the month.

Q: Which campgrounds can we build open fires?

A: Open fires are not permitted. All fires will be in cookers provided at the site, some sites do have ground cookers available.

Group Facilities

Q: How can I reserve a group shelter?

A: Reservations can only be made for calling the National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) @ 1-877-444-6777 or by going to . Reservations can no longer be made at Lavon Lake Headquarters.

Golden Age Passports

Q: What is a Golden Age Passport?

A: The Golden Age Passport is a lifetime entrance permit to those parks, monuments, and recreation areas administered by the federal government. The passport provides for a 50 percent discount on federal use fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, boat launching, parking, and so forth. The Golden Age Passport does not cover fees charged by State agencies or private concessions.

Effective 01 Jan 2007:

Golden Age/Access Passports will no longer be issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

All passes issued prior to 31 Dec 2006 will be honored.

These passes do not apply to Collin Park.

Q: If I lose my Golden Age Passport Card, do I have to pay to get a replacement?

A: If at anytime the Golden Age/Access Passport is lost or stolen it will have to be replaced by the new America the Beautiful Pass.

They are being replaced with the new America the Beautiful Pass created by the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act of 2004, passed by Congress.

Any current Golden Age/Access Passport is still good for the lifetime of the owner.

There are several locations in the state of Texas that issue the America the Beautiful Passports. For listing please contact your local National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Special Event Permits

Q: Do I need a special permit to hold a bass tournament?

A: A special event permit is required for all activities that are performed on Government property. To apply for an event permit you may contact us by mail at 3375 Skyview Dr. Wylie, TX . 75098, or by phone at (972)442-3141.

Q: Is there a fee for a Special Event Permit?

A: There is a non-refundable $75.00 fee for obtaining a Special Event Permit.

Lavon Dam and Lake

Q: What does lake elevation 492.00 MSL mean?

A: Elevation 492.00 MSL (mean sea level) is the water level at which the Corps of Engineers tries to maintain the lake: it is also referred to as "conservation or, normal pool." The lake level will be above this elevation while floodwaters are being stored or below this elevation during dry periods.

Q: How deep is Lake Lavon?

A: At normal or conservation pool level 492.00, the deepest part of the lake is about thirty-eight (38) feet deep.

Q: What is the purpose of Lake Lavon?

A: Lake Lavon was constructed for the purpose of flood control and water supply.

Q: Does Lavon Lake release water to keep Lake Ray Hubbard full?

A: No. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers only releases water from Lavon Lake for flood control purposes.

Q: When are floodgates open?

A: Flood gates are opened when the lake levels are above the conservation pool (492 msl) and down stream conditions are not susceptible to flooding.

Q: How long will the dam road be closed?

A: The road across the dam will be closed indefinitely. All facilities can be accessed by using Hwy 78.

Q: Is Lavon a navigable water way under the Rivers and Water Act?

A: No.

Q: What is the normal level of the lake?

A: Lavon Lake's normal lake level is 492.00 above MSL.

Q: What is the coldest the water in the lake has ever been?

A: The lake has actually frozen in past years.

Q. Can I ride my four-wheeler or any other recreational vehicle on Corps of Engineer Property?

A. Recreational vehicles, motor cycles or four-wheelers are not authorized on Corps property or shoreline areas.

Q. Can I park on the shoreline to access water when the lake is low?

A. No vehicles are allowed to drive anywhere on Corps property to include the shoreline.

Q. Can I ride my horse on the shoreline?

A.  Trinity Trail is the only designated riding area on Lavon Lake.


Q: Where are the swimming areas?

A: Designated swimming areas are located at Collin, Mallard, Ticky Creek, East Fork, Avalon and Pebble Beach parks.


Q: Are there any snakes on Lake Lavon?

A: There are many species of snakes that are native to the Lake Lavon area, the most common snakes found at Lake Lavon are the Diamond Back Water Snake and Western Cottonmouth.


Q: Can I sell pizza on a boat out in the lake?

A: The sale of products of any kind is prohibited without authorization from the project manager.


Q: Whom do I contact about putting in a septic tank?

A1: The Collin County Fire Marshall should be contacted at (972) 548-4669

A2: Septic systems may not be placed on or effect Corps of Engineers Property.

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