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Hunting at Granger Lake

Both the sportsman and the naturalist can enjoy the 10,800+ acre Wildlife Management Areas (WMA's)  surrounding Granger Lake.  The WMA's are licensed out to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ( TPWD ).  These areas provide hunting, hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching. For more information click the TPWD link or call 512/859-2668.

To enable you to hunt at Granger Lake you must purchase a TPWD Public Lands Hunting Permit, along with a valid hunting license and applicable stamps.   These permits can be obtained anywhere hunting license are sold. (Locally available at Dutchess Exxon in Circleville or Wal-Mart in Taylor)

Primary game species for shotgun hunting are dove, quail, waterfowl, rabbit and squirrel in applicable seasons.

Archery/Crossbow hunting for feral hogs is allowed year round.

Hunting for deer is permitted through the (PHA) Public Hunting Area by e-post card system. It usually becomes available around July of each year. For more information on these hunts check Texas Parks and Wildlife PHA E-Post Card Hunts.

**NO HUNTING is allowed in park areas**

**Bowfishing is not allowed within 600ft of any park**

Park Areas are listed as green areas on Granger Lake Map.

For more information on hunting this Corps of Engineers lake and others refer to the Fort Worth District Hunting Guide PDF.

Wear your life jacket