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Hunting at Granger Lake

Granger Lake is home to 10,800+ acres of Wildlife Management Area. Hunting in these areas at Granger Lake not only is a great mean of outdoor recreation for all ages but is also used as a conservation practice for managing wildlife populations to within healthy and sustainable numbers. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is licesned to manage the Wildlife Areas at Granger Lake and provides plenty of opportunity to do so.

Wildlife management and hunting lands at Granger Lake are part of the TPWD Annual Public Hunting Permit and Public Hunting Drawing System Programs . Click the link to apply for a permit.

For a map of the hunting area, information on legal game and other valuable information, click here .

For the Granger Lake Mobile Hunting Map, scan the QR code below with your smart phone.

To access the Granger Lake Mobile Hunting Map on your computer, click HERE

Deer may only be hunted by archery and is part of the E-Post Card Drawing System. For information on the E-Post Card Public Hunting Drawing System for archery deer hunting at Granger Lake, click here .

For more hunting opportunities offered at other U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lakes, refer to the Fort Worth District Hunting Guide .

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