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Fishing at Granger Lake

Fishing at Granger Lake varies throughout the year.  Large catfish, along with the annual crappie and white bass runs bring many people to the lake for a taste of good Texas fishing.

To find fishing records, a current fishing report and other information for fishing at Granger Lake, see the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments fishing page .


Zebra mussels are in Granger Lake. To help stop the transport of this invasive species, please, CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY your boat, trailer and fishing gear before traveling to another lake.
It's the law.

Fish Attractor Construction

Fish attractor construction is welcomed at Granger Lake.  However, to prevent problems that can arise from improper placement and anchoring,  please adhere to the following guidelines.    With your cooperation we can continue this practice.

* DO NOT --- place brush piles near the large, concrete outlet works structure.

* DO NOT leave aluminum tinsel on the trees or use trees which have been flocked.  Tinsel may be eaten by the fish and cause intestinal damage.  Flocking may be toxic to fish.

*MAKE SURE --- piles are placed in a water depth of 10 feet or more.  This is to ensure brush piles remain submerged during periods of low water levels.

*ANCHORING --- use galvanized wire or synthetic rope and an anchoring device (concrete construction blocks, bags of sand, large rocks, etc.)

*Further recommendations from TPWD (PWD Booklet 3000-12)  --- Securely fasten enough (too much is better than not enough) weight to the base of each tree to anchor it in an upright position.  The trees can also be set in one-gallon cans containing wet cement.  If this is done, a large nail should be driven into the tree three inches above the base, to anchor it in the cement.  Trees should be placed in circular clusters containing five to 10 trees.  Each cluster will act as one attractor.

Fish Overview for Granger Lake



Best time of year


Infront of inlet structure when releaseing at a slow rate. Throughout river channels.

Can be caught in stilling basin below dam after gates are closed following a good release.

Jan thru Feb
White Bass
During spawning throughout river channels outside of lake impoundment.
mid-Feb thru early Apr

In lake body in deeper pockets of water.

Can be caught in stilling basin below dam after gates are closed following a good release.
end of spawn to mid summer
Black Bass
Spotty throughout year (up tp 8.5 lbs)
Stripped Bass
A stocked fish with no well developed fishing interest (up to 15 lbs)
Flathead Catfish
In lake impoundment towards rivers (avg weight 10-40 lbs) caught mostly on rod and reel and trot lines.
Mar thru mid-June
Channel Catfish

All year except hot part of summer (July thru early Sept). Caught mostly on trot line. (average weight 2 - 6 lbs.)

The following information is courtesy of the Texas Parks And Wildlife Fish Identification Chart .
Largemouth (Black) Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Striped Bass
Hybrid Striped Bass
White Bass
Channel Catfish
Flathead (Yellow) Catfish
Blue Catfish
Black Crappie
White Crappie

Wear your life jacket