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Ray Roberts Lake Information

Description - Ray Roberts Lake State has a total of 5,848.8 acres. All properties were acquired in 1984 by a lease made between the Secretary of the Army and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Isle du Bois Unit, is on the south side of Ray Roberts Lake in Denton County. Isle du Bois Unit (meaning "Island of the Trees") opened in 1993.

Johnson Branch Unit, is located on the north side of Ray Roberts Lake in Denton and Cooke Counties. This unit opened on December 4, 1996.

This part of north Texas was frequented by several Indian tribes, including Comanches, Kiowas, and Tonkawas. When white settlers began to move into the area in substantial numbers in the 1840s, the region became one of the main flash-points on the frontier. By 1860, the area was moderately settled, but the outbreak of the Civil War caused the temporary and sometimes permanent abandonment of many settlements. After the war, the region again became a focus of settlement under the protection of army units at Fort Richardson and Fort Sill. The closest town to the park, Pilot Point, was first settled in 1846, but had long been a camping site for Indians, rangers, and early pioneers. Several recorded State Archeological Landmarks exist within the present park boundaries. These landmarks consist mostly of nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century farm sites.

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