Hiking Trails at Wright Patman Lake

Rocky Point Park offers park visitors 2 trail options within the boundaries of the park. The trails in Rocky Point Park include the Cat Squirrel Nature Trail which is approximately 300 feet in lenght and is an easy walking path, and the the Rocky Point Piney Point Hiking Trail which is appoximately 1.3 miles in legnth and is moderate in difficulty. The Rocky Point Piney Point Trail offers park vistiors at Rocky Point and Piney Point camgrounds a great hiking experience with natural hills and excellent views of the forest terrain between both parks. There is also a trail head for the Rocky Point Piney Point Hiking Trail within Piney Point Park near campground.

Clear Springs Park offers park visitors 3 trail options witin the boundaries of the park. The Charles Gardner Nature Trail (pictured below) offers park visitors and easy walking experience with great views of the tall pine tree canopies, has a fresh water pond near the trail entrance/exit point which provides a great opporunity for nature viewing of many reptile and amphibian species, and a wildlife viewing platform near the mid section of the trail. The Tall Pines Trail is an excellent trail for an easy walk through a perdominately pine forest; the trail is located behind the playground in the A-Section of the park and extends to the main park exit near the gate house. The newest trail to the Clear Springs Park Trail system is the Karl Keck Nature Trail which located near the Charles Gardner Nature Trail; this trail offers park visitors and easy walking path and is still being improved through volunteer projects.

Malden Lake Park has trail system behind the campsites in the H-Loop, this trail is great just for everyday walking and enjoying the sites of the park and offers great water front views.