Developed Camping Areas

Wright Patman Lake offers both camping and picnic (day-use) facilities. The Corps of Engineers operates four Class “A” campgrounds- Rocky Point, Clear Springs, Malden Lake, and Piney Point (March – November) Parks. Clear Springs Park has 3 newly installed screened shelters with access to the water and boat ramp.

Reservations can be made for these parks by calling the National Recreation Reservation Service toll-free at (877)444-6777 or on the internet at Reservations can also be made at the park entrance gatehouses. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Leased parks at Wright Patman Lake include Atlanta State Park (903)794-6474, Cass County Park (903)796-9254, Berry Farm (Bowie County), Kelly Creek Marina (903)585-5453, Big Creek Landing and Campground (903)585-5453, Sulphur Point Concession Area (903)832-3444, and Highway 59 Park (State of Texas). If you would like information pertaining to Berry Farm Park contact the Bowie County Precinct 4 Office in New Boston, TX (903-628-2278)

New Extension Policy beginning March 1, 2016.

Extensions may be granted, in a maximum of 14 day increments, year round, and must be requested at the park gatehouse on the 14th day.

Length of stay will be determined base on the camping unit, not the customer name.

Reservations made through the Call Center, website, or at the park gatehouse will be limited to 14 days during any 30 consecutive day period. "Stacking" of reservations (consecutive back-to-back reservations for the same camping unit and/or household exceeding the 14 day limit) is not allowed, and is subject to a citation under 36 CFR 327.7b.

Customers that have been camped in the park longer than 14 days prior to a season change will be required to leave all Corps campgrounds on Wright Patman Lake for a period of 14 days.

Recreation Season (1 March-31 October)

Length of stay, including extensions, may NOT exceed 42 days during any 60 consecutive day period.

Customers wishing to stay longer than 14 days, must be granted an extension and are required to move to a site located in a designated extension area within each park.

Unties that have been camped in the park longer than 14 days prior to Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day holidays, must be leave the campground the Friday prior to the holiday.

Winter Season (1 November-29 February)

Length of stay, including, extensions, may be granted for the entire winter season (120 days).

Park Extensions Areas (All other sites limited to 14 days)

Rocky Point: A section

Piney Point: All sites except A32-A34, A36, A37, A39, A41, A43, and A45

Clear Springs Park: A section, C sectioin, D section, and E section.

Malden Lake Park: All sites except P4, P5, P9, H7, H9, H11, H12, H14, H18, and H21.