Water Safety Programs

As the leading federal provider of recreation in the United States, the Army Corps of Engineers has taken up the fight to reduce water-related fatalities. Education is a large part of this effort. The Waco Project Office Park Rangers will go to any school, civic group, or function to help children and adults learn and practice water safety. The presentations vary in length and scope, but they can include-

How to Wear a Life Jacket

The Importance of Swimming with a Buddy

Reach! Throw! Don't Go!

...as well as various water safety games, activities and demonstrations.

We would love to run booth at a fair, host a field day, or lead a storytime!


Prefer to Teach Your Own Lesson?

Check out the FREE K-6 water safety curriculum on the U.S Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety Website!


General Rules for Water Safety

1. Never Mix Water and Alcohol.

2. Learn to Swim.

3. Always Wear your Life Jacket, do not use inflatable toys or rafts as life saving devices.

4. Always swim in a Designated Swimming Area when Possible.

5. Never Leave Children without Adult Supervision.

6. Never Swim Alone.

7. Avoid Turbulent Waters.

8. Don't Swim During Bad Weather.


Tips For Safe Boating

1. Follow Federal and State Boating Laws.

2. Learn the "Rules of the Road" and Follow Them.

3. Don't Mix Alcohol and Water.

4. Check Your Safety Equipment.

5. Don't Boat In Bad Weather.

6. Take a Boater Education Class.

7. Always Wear Your Life Jacket.


U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Hotline 1-800-368-5647.

For more information, contact Michael Champagne at 254-756-5359.

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