Hiking Trails at Waco Lake

Lake Waco offers great hiking and biking trails, the most well known is the dam trail which expands the length of the dam. The trail expands approximately two miles.The Waco dam trail includes three entrances, Lake Shore trail head, Middle hike and bike, off Airport Road, and Skeet Eason trail head off Skeet Eason Road. However, parking is only availible at Middle Hike & Bike and Skeet Eason. All entrances include water fountains, trail information and rest area.

Other trails include Tejas Nature Trail (english / spanish), which is located within Reynolds Creek Park , and the Trail at Lacy Point.

Dam Hike and Bike Trail Lakeshore Entrance

The Following Picture are views from the Waco Lake Hike and Bike trail.

View of the evening sunset

Veiw of Taniter Gates from trail

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