Fishing at Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Fishing Areas/Docks

Bank fishing is allowed around the lake except in restricted areas, swim beaches and boat ramps. There is a free fishing dock at the entrance to Dana Peak Park. There is also a fishing dock in Union Grove Park with the cost of day use area fee. Stillhouse Marina in Stillhouse Park also provides fishing facilities for a cost. Please remember not to use the courtsey docks at the boat ramps as they are for loading and unloading boats only.

Fishing Tournaments on Belton or Stillhouse Hollow Lakes

All fishing tournaments on Belton or Stillhouse Hollow Lakes are required to have a Lake Activity Permit (LAP). There is currently no cost for a LAP. The permit is required to assist us with controlling overcrowding of park/lake facilities. Permits are limited and are issued on a First Come First Served basis. The number of permits are regulated through the Belton/Stillhouse Hollow Lake Office.

Most fishing tournaments held at Temple’s Lake, Cedar Ridge, Dana Peak or Stillhouse Parks will require that the Group Shelter be rented as the headquarters/weigh-in location. Exceptions to this policy for small tournaments may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Proof of rental must presented to this office prior to the LAP being approved. Large tournaments as identified by the Lake Manager may be required to have the weigh-in location off Corps property.

If you or your organization wish to have a tournament you must request a LAP by filling out a Lake Activity Permit Request Form a minimum of 3 days (14 days in advance is preferred) to 365 days in advance prior to the date of the event. Each request will be evaluated for potential adverse impact on public safety, park facilities & utility systems, sanitation and natural resources.

If you have any questions feel free to contact a Park Ranger at 254/939-2461.

Check out some of the more popular fish caught at Stillhouse Hollow Lake:

For information on TPWD water body records on Stillhouse Hollow Lake CLICK HERE

The following information is courtesy of the Texas Parks And Wildlife Fish Identification Chart.


largemouth bass
small mouth bass
striped bass
hybrid striped bass
Largemouth (Black) Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Striped Bass
Hybrid Striped Bass
white bass
channel catfish
flathead catfish
blue catfish
White Bass
Channel Catfish
Flathead (Yellow) Catfish
Blue Catfish
Black Crappie
White Crappie
life jacket
Black Crappie
White Crappie
What you should WEAR!

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